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BREAKING: This New Lawsuit May Strikedown the Federal Machinegun Ban that has Lasted Since 1986

For those who believe that gun violence is caused by individuals and not firearms themselves, a new lawsuit filed in court on Friday may provide a legal remedy to the unconstitutional machinegun ban that has existed since 1986. First, a little backstory… Since 1934, it has been illegal to possess a full-automatic weapon without having paid the proper taxes on it and without having it properly registered. In ...

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VIDEO: Check Out Thomas Jefferson’s High Powered, Magazine-Fed “ASSAULT RIFLE” – The Girardoni Air Rifle

The Girardoni air rifle was 22-shot, magazine-fed, nearly silent .46 caliber repeating rifle adopted in 1780 by the Austrian Army. Thomas Jefferson purchased two of these rifles, which he sent west with Lewis and Clark. Does it have a high-capacity magazine? Got it! Is it capable of firing 22 aimed shots in a minute? Got it! Is it a military weapon? Got it! Was it manufactured during the American Revolution ...

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Why No One Invades Switzerland (Hint – Everyone is Armed)

Switzerland has the lowest crime rate in the world, because the people are armed, military service is mandatory for men, and they are required to keep their weapon at home. A criminal will think twice about breaking into peoples homes knowing he might run into an armed occupant. The key to freedom is to be able to have the ability to defend yourself &, if you don’t have the tools to do that, then you’re ...

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The Nine Words Army Veteran Said to Knife-Wielding Thug Who Threatened Him and His Girlfriend

An Army veteran was walking outside with his girlfriend near his home in Philadelphia on Sunday when all of a sudden a man threatened the couple with a 13-inch knife. The criminal didn’t know he had several factors working against him. Firstly, his would-be “victim,” William Lawler, 38, is an Army veteran who retired as a lieutenant after serving for over a decade. That’s strike one. Secondly, he’s a longti ...

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VIDEO Footage Of 9 Year-Old Shooting Gun Instructor Exposed As A HOAX

One month ago, the nation was shocked by footage of a 9 year-old girl accidentally shooting her gun instructor during a lesson. However, a new video suggests that this may have just be an elaborate hoax set up as anti-gun propaganda. This video breaks down the original footage of the shooting and goes frame by frame to prove that the mainstream media was fooled. Of course, the media was eager to believe the ...

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For years, many people have suspected that the New York Fed is more or less controlled by the "too big to fail" banks.  Well, now we have smoking gun evidence that this is indeed the case.  A very brave lawyer named Carmen Segarra made a series of audio recordings while she was working for the New York Fed.  The 46 hours of meetings and conversations that she recorded are being called "the Ray Rice video fo ...

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Loudmouth Idiot Tries To Protest Against Guns In Texas & It Doesnt End Well For Her

Texas really isn’t the place to launch an anti-gun protest… This idiot liberal woman is caught standing outside a courthouse speaking out against assault weapons. The woman is barking about banning all these types of guns, but she isn’t able to protest long before some tough-talking Texans step in to shut her up! The cameraman questions the woman, exposing her as someone who knows nothing about guns. Then, ...

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Eric Holder in 1995: We Need to Brainwash People into Being Scared of Guns

In a 1995 appearance at the Women’s National Democratic Club, then-attorney Eric Holder told a crowd that the best way to curb gun violence was to brainwash those who like guns. “What we need to do is change the way in which people think about guns, especially young people and make it something that’s not cool, that’s not acceptable. It’s not hip to carry a gun anymore in the way in which we’ve changed our ...

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Proposed ban serves as backdoor gun control by cutting global supply of ammo  A United Nations agency is proposing a ban on lead ammunition worldwide, which would serve as backdoor gun control by making ammo prohibitively expensive.The United Nations Convention on Migratory Species, operating under the U.N. Environment Programme, is meeting in Quito, Ecuador on Nov. 4-9 to discuss and act on the lead ban re ...

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Store Clerk SHOOTS & KILLS 2 ARMED ROBBERS in Gunfight Caught On VIDEO

A Marathon gas station clerk in Canton, Ohio found himself in a gunfight with three armed robbers last night. Despite the odds being stacked against him, it was the would be robbers that ended up on the losing end of the fight. The clerk struck two of the suspects. All three suspects were able to flee the scene, but the two suspects who were shot were found nearby and taken to an area hospital, where they b ...

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SHOCK VIDEO: Walgreens Pharmacist Uses His Concealed Handgun to Fight Off Armed Robbers, Gets Fired

This is an older story, but one that we previously never reported. We wanted to highlight it now as it looks like all of the court proceedings are finally over. A Walgreens pharmacist found himself without a job after he was fired from his position at Walgreens after opening fire on a pair of armed robbers. In 2011, two armed robbers entered a 24 hour Walgreens pharmacy in Benton Township around 4am. They t ...

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‘No, Daddy, No!’: Dad Catches Daughter’s Boyfriend In Bedroom, Shoots Him In Head [VIDEO]

No charges have been filed against a Philadelphia father who shot a man who police said was his daughter’s boyfriend when he was caught in her bedroom. Philadelphia police on Monday responded to a 911 call from a home where a 41-year-old man lived with his 20-year-old daughter. “Upon police arrival, they found a 32-year-old male who was shot one time in the head,” Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott S ...

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