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  The NY SAFE Act has come into full swing as residents of New York City received letters from authorities recently.  The letters stated that their firearms were illegal, and if they weren’t handed in voluntarily, that they would be forcefully confiscated. Under the new, highly criticized law, weapons that can hold more than 5 rounds are considered illegal within the boundaries of the city. The letter ...

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*ALERT* California Now CONFISCATING Legally Purchased GUNS

  The first police raids to take legally purchased guns commenced in California. The state has the strictest gun laws in the country now, and is definitely not pro Second Amendment in the state.   California has been gearing up for this moment. Now they have made a move to confiscate legally purchased fire arms. They have expanded on their list of “prohibited persons” to have fire arms to include ...

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UN Troops Told To KILL ALL AMERICANS That Don’t Give Over Their Guns [VIDEO]

New information has come to light as Obama continues his unconstitutional drive toward stricter gun control.  We all remember how after the tragedy at Sandy Hook quite the uproar was heard throughout the country and whether stricter gun laws would help.  This was met with strong opposition, and immediately shut down the government’s attempts of hindering the second amendment.   Unfortunately one state ...

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60 Year Old Woman Shoots 2 of 7 ‘Knock Out’ Attackers [W/ VIDEO]

  Beulah Montgomery, had just turned 60 the day before, when she was approached by 7 young punks playing Knock Out.  One of them hit her and a second was attempting to hit her, so she reached for her gun.  She fired 5 times and two of the young men fell down dead.  One was hit in the stomach and one in the chest.  The other five ran off after finding out their elderly victim was less than helpless.   M ...

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Criminals take note; You're taking a chance if you try to ply your trade in the Dodge County town of Rhine. Local law enforcement is praising townspeople for some de facto community policing, after tracking down and helping catch an armed robbery suspect.   For 60-year-old Ken Lowery the commotion began around 2:30 Thursday afternoon as he stepped inside Aden's convenience store and encountered the sto ...

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State Proposes DOOR to DOOR ‘INSPECTIONS’ of GUN OWNERS’ Homes

Bureaucrat Proposes Violating Fourth and Second Amendments to Protect Children In Massachusetts, a bureaucrat wants police to enter private residences and “safeguard” guns under the pretense that violating the Constitution will be good for the children.   Barry Greenfield, a Swampscott, Massachusetts selectman, cited a state law requiring citizens to keep their firearms locked up and rendered inoperabl ...

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ADAM KOKESH Pleads GUILTY To Gun & Marijuana Charges, Faces 6 YEARS IN PRISON

Libertarian activist Adam Kokesh was arrested in July for uploading a video of himself loading a shotgun in D.C.’s Freedom Plaza.   D.C. gun laws are some of the strictest in the U.S. As reported by ABC News, “The District has a litany of laws on the books that make it more difficult to obtain some firearms, impossible to obtain others, and illegal to carry any loaded gun in the city.” Just being in D. ...

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New Law Allows Citizens to Shoot Police Officers

In Indiana, police officers are upset over a new law allowing residents to use deadly force against public servants, including law enforcement officers, who unlawfully enter their homes.   The law was signed by Republican Governor Mitch Daniels in March, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.   The law was adopted after the Indiana State Supreme Court ruled that there was “no right to reasonably res ...

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