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Ukrainian citizens want new ’2nd Amendment’ as part of new government

As liberal and globalist ideologues in our government fight to remove the right of personal protections from the people of America, one group across the world is demanding their right to bear arms after decades of gun control and tyranny.  Members of a gun organization in Ukraine are placing new demands before Parliament and the expected new leadership to have the right to own and carry guns in the wake of ...

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(WXYZ) - A Detroit mother opened fire Monday night when three suspects broke into her home. Surveillance cameras caught it all. The mother tells Action News she "didn't have time to get scared." When she heard the door to her home on Woodrow Wilson being kicked in, she immediately warned the three teenage intruders and then opened fire. One of the teens dropped a handgun on his way out the door. He then tri ...

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DOUBLE-BARRELED AR-15 Going Into Full Production in United States

  When this rifle first came into the public eye, we were less than enthusiastic. It seemed like a gimmick, and to be honest that’s how it started — they needed a “show stopper” for a military trade show. But instead of just being an interesting engineering product, Gilboa is going into full production right here in the United States to put these on the shelves and in the hands of American shooters . . ...

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Proof The Feds Are Tracking Gun Owners With National Database

Here’s proof that the Federal government has an illegal national registry of gun owners and is sharing that information with local police. When John Filippidis, a Florida resident, was traveling through Maryland he was stopped by a officer from the Maryland Transportation Authority Police (MTAP), who after 10 minutes on the radio knew he had a concealed carry permit from Florida. Filippidis left his gun at ...

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Two Armed Intruders Try to Invade a Home … Then The Owner Breaks Out His AK-47 … [VIDEO]

A home invasion in Florida took a strange turn after the resident went after the suspects with an AK-47. According to NBC Miami6, one home invasion suspect was fatally shot and two others are on the run from authorities after a Davie, Florida resident fired his AK-47 at his attackers last Thursday. Three armed men allegedly entered the victim’s apartment and pistol-whipped the resident inside. Then the resi ...

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ALERT: Obama Proposes Executive Orders for Backdoor GUN CONFISCATION

The Obama Administration announced two new executive orders on gun control Friday, after countless other attempts to erode Second Amendment rights failed to gain public support According to one of the proposed actions, patient privacy laws would be pushed aside to allow increased government access to mental health records. Currently required to protect that information, states would now be exempt, instead e ...

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Thug Tries To Rob 90-Year-Old… 90-Year-Old PULLS OUT GUN & Shows Robber Who’s Boss [VIDEO]

A hooded assailant got a little more than a surprise after preying on what he thought was a defenseless 90 year old man.  As the assailant attempted  to rob the man, he was shocked into retreat when the victim pulled out a gun and chased him out of his store. This wasn’t the first time George Hicks has had a run in with thieves as in 2010 he was beaten and robbed inside the same Laundromat. Needless to say, ...

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Mexican Vigilante Gunmen DISARM Local POLICE So They Can Rid Town of Feared Drug Cartel

Residents living in fear of violent criminal gangs in south-west Mexico are taking matters into their own hands Yesterday 600 vigilantes seized control of town of Paracuaro in Michoacan state in bloody battle that left one dead Convoy of 'autodefensas', or self-defence groups, drove into the town controlled by drugs gang in blacked-out SUVs They took back control from the Cabelleros Templarios (Knights Temp ...

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John Dodson, the federal agent who blew the lid off the Justice Department’s “Fast and Furious” gun-walking scandal, claims the FBI had ties to the men who killed U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010 near Nogales, Ariz. In fact, Dodson says the Mexican bandits who gunned down Terry were working for FBI operatives and had been sent to the border to do a “drug rip-off” using intelligence gathered by t ...

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