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Nordstrom says it wants to serve you better, so it’s tracking your movements through their stores. The CBS 11 I-Team has learned the retailer is using software to track how much time you spend in specific departments within the store. The technology is being used in 17 Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores nationwide, including the NorthPark store in Dallas. A company spokesperson says sensors within the stor ...

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The debate over vaccines continues as an Italian court ruled in favor of the Bocca family who’s nine-year-old son became autistic after receiving the MMR (Measles/Mumps & Rubella) vaccine. I came across this case and felt it was a good idea to report on this as the vaccine debate has been a hot topic here lately. Although the case concluded in 2012, the information is just as relavent today. Valentino B ...

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SOURCE: Only President Could Have Given Stand Down Order During Benghazi Attack

A little over a month after the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, that left four Americans dead, then CIA Director David Petraeus denied that the CIA issued any type of stand down orders to those requesting to assist in Benghazi, leaving only one person that could have given such an order. This came as it was revealed that there were people on the ground with targets painted and air support overhead a ...

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BIG BROTHER: Obama Supports Expansion of Wiretap Laws

Spying without a warrant in America is a crime, a violation of privacy rights protected by the U.S. Constitution. Yet, the government is asking technology companies to commit this crime or be fined for insubordination. The New York Times is reporting that the Obama administration is "on the verge of backing a Federal Bureau of Investigation plan for a sweeping overhaul of surveillance laws that would make i ...

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FBI Thinks They Don’t Need Warrants To Spy On Email, Facebook And Other Electronic Communication

New documents reveal that the Department of Justice takes a similar stance to that of the IRS in claiming that they do not necessarily need warrants to spy on emails, Twitter direct messages, Facebook chats and other private communications of Americans. In the case of the IRS, the head of the agency said last month that they would abandon their policy that claimed the authority to read the emails of America ...

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I Confronted a Drone Pilot [VIDEO]

Who flies the drones America uses to take out military targets in foreign locales all over the globe? I had the chance to talk to an Air Force drone pilot operating out of Whiteman Air Force Base, and astonishingly, he admitted to me that he took part in strikes on wedding parties in Middle East & Asian countries said to harbor terrorists. I confronted him with some of the troubling news that has emerge ...

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MATRIX OF LANGUAGE: Statists Use Twisted Logic To Attack The Bill Of Rights

In the war for the continued existence of our Nation’s Constitutional principles, I had long wondered whether statists were simply confounded by the Bill of Rights and ignorant of its function or whether they were maliciously inclined, knowing exactly what it means but seeking its destruction anyway. In recent years, I have decided it is a combination of both faults. Statists are people who view every aspec ...

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CAPTAIN TRIPS: United States Accused of Planting Avian Flu in Recent H7N9 Outbreak

Amidst allegations by a highly placed Colonel in the Chinese army that the U.S. has released a bioweapon in Mainland China, concerns are ramping up that this year's version of the avian flu, H7N9, may turn into a major pandemic. The last few years have seen several false alarms on the pandemic front. Neither the bird flu of 2004 nor the swine flu of 2009-2010 ended up being of much concern, although agencie ...

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