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FBI Thinks They Don’t Need Warrants To Spy On Email, Facebook And Other Electronic Communication

New documents reveal that the Department of Justice takes a similar stance to that of the IRS in claiming that they do not necessarily need warrants to spy on emails, Twitter direct messages, Facebook chats and other private communications of Americans. In the case of the IRS, the head of the agency said last month that they would abandon their policy that claimed the authority to read the emails of America ...

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I Confronted a Drone Pilot [VIDEO]

Who flies the drones America uses to take out military targets in foreign locales all over the globe? I had the chance to talk to an Air Force drone pilot operating out of Whiteman Air Force Base, and astonishingly, he admitted to me that he took part in strikes on wedding parties in Middle East & Asian countries said to harbor terrorists. I confronted him with some of the troubling news that has emerge ...

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MATRIX OF LANGUAGE: Statists Use Twisted Logic To Attack The Bill Of Rights

In the war for the continued existence of our Nation’s Constitutional principles, I had long wondered whether statists were simply confounded by the Bill of Rights and ignorant of its function or whether they were maliciously inclined, knowing exactly what it means but seeking its destruction anyway. In recent years, I have decided it is a combination of both faults. Statists are people who view every aspec ...

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CAPTAIN TRIPS: United States Accused of Planting Avian Flu in Recent H7N9 Outbreak

Amidst allegations by a highly placed Colonel in the Chinese army that the U.S. has released a bioweapon in Mainland China, concerns are ramping up that this year's version of the avian flu, H7N9, may turn into a major pandemic. The last few years have seen several false alarms on the pandemic front. Neither the bird flu of 2004 nor the swine flu of 2009-2010 ended up being of much concern, although agencie ...

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UN Human Rights Council Duplicity

A previous article said the following: On May 5, Reuters headlined "UN has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator." Geneva-based "UN human rights investigators have gathered testimony from casualties of Syria's civil war and medical staff indicating that rebel forces have used the nerve agent sarin, one of the lead investigators said on Sunday." "The United Nations independent commission ...

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Army Veteran & Rights Group Slams US NO-Fly List [VIDEO]

The dreaded No-Fly list. Tens of thousands of people are on this FBI list, barring them from air travel to, from or around the United States for alleged security threats. One of these is Abdullah Ray, a US army veteran and convert to Islam. Like many others, Ray has made several attempts to contact government agencies to find out why he has been placed on this black list. But the government has refused to p ...

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PROTECTING PEDOPHILES: Mainstream Media ‘Created Climate For Savile’s Satanic Abuse’

A psychotherapist who worked with five of Jimmy Savile’s abuse victims has spoken about about the level of Satanic ritual abuse carried out by the deceased BBC presenter and other pedophiles in the UK. She also criticised the mainstream media’s decades-long wall of silence, saying that it is responsible for creating the climate that allowed Savile to exist. She also disturbingly revealed that “the more they ...

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