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Death of the American Dream: Home ownership falls to lowest level in nearly 50 years

When it comes to both the government and the Federal Reserve, trusting any program to either of these agencies is a sure fire way to destroy an industry.  And just as former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan helped create the housing bubble that burst confidence in home ownership, the latter two central bank heads have finally killed it entirely. On July 27, the U.S. Census issued its most recent home ownership d ...

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India picks interesting time to demand reparations from Britain for their colonial rule

During the reign of the British empire, many port cities as well as nations were conquered and controlled by the crown for economic and geo-political reasons.  From China, India, protectorates in the Middle East, and even an island off the coast of Argentina, British conquests once led the sea power to be called 'the empire where the sun never sets'. But in the wake of this rule were many instances where Br ...

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Congress, bought off my Monstanto, pushes through bill where states can’t label foods as GMO

When it comes to elected officials in the U.S., only two things will cause them to listen... either 50,000 angry voters banging at their door with pitchforks, or the more common reason, money.  And when states like Maine pass strong legislation forcing companies to clearly label their food products as GMO if they are made with non-natural elements or processes, the bought and paid for members of Congress ar ...

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Facebook Is Throttling Nonprofits And Activists

So far coverage of Facebook's plan to squeeze the organic reach of Pages has focused on its impact on "brands" that spam us with ads and promotions. But nonprofits, activists, and advocacy groups with much fewer resources (and no ad budgets) are also being hugely affected. It's starting to look like Facebook is willing to strangle public discourse on the platform in an attempt to wring out a few extra dolla ...

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Germany fires first salvo in war to end use of cash by consumers

As Greece starts to deteriorate into near Civil War as citizens within the EU country are unable to fully access monies kept in their banking system, they are not the only entities experiencing problems that threaten the monetary liquidity of Europe.  In fact, in what may be the biggest irony from the year long battle between Greece and Germany over Greek debt, Germany is launching its first salvo in a new ...

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Obama so desperate to get nations into TPP that his administration upgraded country known for human trafficking

With China, Russia, and the BRICS nations making tremendous strides over the past year in free trade and economic cooperation, the United States has countered with a secret trade agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).  This trade treaty, which was fast tracked by Congress just a few weeks ago, is a last ditch effort by Washington to keep a tight control over the remaining countries supporting ...

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EU approves resolution to be a part of talks to eventually sign and join TTIP

Just as in the United States, it appears that the politicians that run the European Union have no qualms about ignoring the cries of its citizens, and are heading straight towards the eventual signing of the draconian TTIP agreement.  In fact, on July 9 the EU Parliament voted yes to a non-binding resolution to pursue the eventual approval of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, just as Congr ...

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The Greek fallacy: Global system needs to cut everyone’s debt, not just Greece’s

Projection.  It is one of the most common forms of ignoring one's own issues and problems by making public these same things in someone else.  And for months now the European Union has been projecting Greek debt as the singular monetary problem to the world, when in fact almost every one of the European economies are in the same state of affairs, and under the bondage of massive debt obligations. At the poi ...

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With Supreme Court drastically altering the law with activism, 33% of Americans believe states should ignore rulings

Throughout history, the Supreme Court on occasion has become a political body, ruling in accordance to the opinions and beliefs of its members and not according to precedence, the law, and the Constitution.  For example, in 1857 the Supreme Court upheld slavery in certain jurisdictions through their decision in the Dredd Scott v. Sandford case, only to have another court rule that segregation was legal just ...

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New poll shows that 35% of Americans, and over 50% of millennials, would leave the U.S.

A little over a hundred years ago, the dream for millions of immigrants was to leave their own war-torn, impoverished, or brutalized country and travel to America in the hopes of becoming a citizen in a new and freer land.  But as the once righteous and lawful nation that was America turned into an oligarchy for the rich and elite, the tables have turned and a growing number of Americans are like the immigr ...

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With Greek default, ECB may invoke ‘Cyprus option’ and induce bank bail-in on depositors

As the final day arrives for Greece to either pay, or default on their IMF obligations, the European Central Bank (ECB) is threatening a two-fold scenario that proves once again that the technocracy that is the European Union is interested only in protecting banks at the expense of the people.  And besides the given option of shutting off liquidity through their Emergency Liquidity Assistance (ELA) to Greek ...

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