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Obamacare allows for Jim Crow laws to return in Doctor and patient relationships

Very little is truly known about all the rules in the Affordable Health Care Act and how these new laws will affect the American people in ways that go beyond just affordable care and insurance.  But it now appears that what was passed in Congress back in 2010, and approved by the Supreme Court in a legal challenge, has much more to do about control and balkanization that it does about a program voted on to ...

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Patrick McKnight: For a Better Future … VOTE LIBERTARIAN

For a better future, vote Libertarian   The political “debate” over the debt ceiling is absurd political theater and an insult to the intelligence of the American people. Don’t expect to hear the following common sense from Republicans, Democrats or the media:   1) We have a $17 trillion debt. This is mathematically impossible to repay. Our nation has been spent into insolvency by the Republicans ...

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Mexico City Moves to LEGALIZE POT

  Legislators in Mexico City, the largest city in North America, are preparing to push through certain measures that would decriminalize and regulate the consumption of marijuana in the Mexican capital, a move that may speed up pot legalization elsewhere on the continent Though deprived of sunlight and breathing the smog-ridden air of Mexico’s mountain capital, the marijuana plants, from a strain known ...

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The NSA has been illegally storing email contact lists of up to 500,000 new people per day — for years. This means the NSA is essentially now aware of almost everyone you communicate with. This makes surveillance of groups (like the Tea Party or the liberty movement) extremely simple to monitor.   This has NO congressional authorization, and is stealing your contact list — which is a simple violation o ...

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Girls Threatened With HATE CRIME CHARGES For Complaining About Transgendered BOY HARASSING Her … In The GIRL’S BATHROOM [W/ VIDEO]

School tells parents boy’s rights as transgender trump their daughter’s privacy rights Paul Joseph Watson October 14, 2013 Female students at Florence High School in Colorado were threatened with hate crimes charges when they complained about being harassed by a transgender boy in the girls’ bathroom.   Initial complaints about the transgender student’s behavior towards the girls were made ...

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10 Ways … The NSA is SPYING ON YOU [VIDEO]

  Digby Jones Activist Post They are allowed to collect data on people who are three degrees of separation from you. They use metadata to get around privacy laws. They have wiretapped all overseas communication, in and out of the country. They can turn your smartphone and computer's camera and microphone on remotely. They spent over $250 million dollars cracking e-mail encryption for millions of people ...

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  A new medical marijuana farmers market opened in Seattle on Sunday.   Vendors sold everything from cannabis candy to lotions and creams to dried buds.   But the market was also the stage for a "battle" over marijuana rights.   "It's so important for everybody that actually values medical cannabis to defend their medical cannabis rights," Director of the World Famous Cannabis Farmers Ma ...

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Meet The Chicks Who SHOT A PORNO On The Lawn of The Westboro Baptist Church

    On Wednesday, members from the California band Get Shot! were driving through Topeka, Kansas on the way to a show when they decided to shoot a porno on the lawn of the local Westboro Baptist Church. Low on cocaine and ready for action, bass player Laura Lush walked out of the van, disrobed, and laid down on the church lawn while vigorously masturbating on home video.   The band, which als ...

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“Gestapo tactics” used to detain tourists in locked hotel Paul Joseph Watson October 8, 2013 Feds used “gestapo tactics” to treat senior citizens like terrorists during the shutdown of Yellowstone National park, placing them under armed guard in a locked hotel as panicked tourists thought they had been arrested, vowing never to return to America.   Pat Vaillancourt was part of a tour group ...

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