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Attorney General Holder finally acts to stop illegal theft and seizures by the police

There is one constant in the realm of politics... when the light is shined on the rats in Washington and at the local level then actual change takes place to the benefit of the citizens.  And with so many different sources, including satirists and comediennes speaking out on the topic of Civil Forfeiture regarding the police using a spurious Federal law to steal personal property from the people without a w ...

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Domino Effect: Cities pushing to remove anti-gun laws in Pennsylvania to stay out of court

Pennsylvania is a relatively modest state when it comes to restrictions on Constitutional liberties, but a new law that was passed recently is causing many counties and municipalities to give up on their localized battles for increased gun restrictions. Recent legislation passed by the state is making it easier for citizens to challenge un-constitutional gun laws and enforcement that will potentially affect ...

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Freedom of speech is a punishable offense in the eyes of both radical and moderate Islam

In a week where we saw both radical and moderate Islam make the front page in both France and Saudi Arabia, one thing should now be abundantly clear to every citizen in the West.  Freedom of Speech is not only not condoned in the Muslim world, but it is a punishable offense to those that are delegated the authority to carry out the laws and doctrines of Islam. Here is a speech given in Britain by a Muslim c ...

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Former CBS whistleblower launches massive lawsuit against Feds for hacking

The United States empire is a cabal that believes in do as I say, not as I do.  Whether it is decying countries like China for human rights violations while at the same time standing up for its own use of torture on foreigners and its own citizens, and in a landmark case just brought before a judge that is showing the duplicity of the U.S. decrying other nations like North Korea for alleged hacking violatio ...

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Man Sentenced to 15 Years in Prison for … ‘Kidnapping’ HIS OWN CHILDREN

( Joshua Hakken has been propagated by the media as insane, a drug user, “anti-government”, essentially anything they can run with to bastardize this man’s public image. For those of you not up to date on this story, I’ll give you a quick bit of background information. In June 2012, police in Slidell, Louisiana responded to a disturbance call at a local hotel. When they arrived, they found Jo ...

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Judge Says Facebook Must Face Class Action Lawsuit Over Reading Users Private Messages

Facebook must face a class action lawsuit filed in California claiming the social networking site sifted through users’ private messages for targeted advertising purposes, violating both federal and state law. Lead plaintiff Matthew Campbell and two others sued Facebook in December 2013, alleging the company scanned user messages for web links, translating them to “likes” on the user’s Facebook profile. Dat ...

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Former cop in L.A. sings parody song of Michael Brown’s death at charity event

Despite the protests and sudden awareness of police brutality in America, there are still a number of current and former police officers that find the killing of a citizen to be a hilarious and worthwhile action.  And at a charity event earlier this week in and around the city Los Angeles, a former police officer and private detective stepped up to the mike during a dinner party and sang a parody song about ...

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Canada’s First Pot Vending Machine Starts Operation

The first cannabis-dispensing machine in Canada has begun operating in Vancouver, following on from the first machine installed recently in the US state of Colorado. The difference? The Canadian machine doesn’t ID you. Despite the controversy surrounding the plant and the endless bickering that has marked the discourse around it, the machine looks strangely ordinary and even less threatening than a cigarett ...

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Federal Court overturns government’s attempt to use mental illness as gun control

In a court case that should have been more common sense than jurisprudence, a Federal Court on Dec. 23 issued a ruling whereby a government statute disallowing citizens who have been institutionalized because of a mental disorder to not be allowed to own a firearm is not grounds for a lifetime ban of their 2nd Amendment rights.  In a case that was first dismissed, then sent back for further review by an app ...

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Somehow, somewhere there was a Federal Judge who wasn’t paid off

Despite the limp dishrag Congress, who hours after winning control of the Senate stated they were not going to challenge President Barack Obama on anything, it did not take long for a lone Federal judge from Pennsylvania to negate Obama's amnesty Memorandum, and show that not everyone in the court system is bought and paid for by the elite. In a ruling that stemmed from a deportation case brought before his ...

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While those feeding the poor are jailed, looting has become the norm in America

While America waits for the grand jury ruling in Ferguson, MO, fears over the next incident of rioting and looting hang in the balance for citizens and businesses in the region.  But not unlike places in the past such as Ferguson, Los Angeles, and of course New Orleans, looting appears to now be a way of life for those living in metropolitan cities, and for people who use a crisis as a means to steal from t ...

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Recreational Marijuana Just Became Legal in the Nation’s Capital

Marijuana enthusiasts of America, rejoice: Residents of the nation's capital are voting yes on smoking pot for fun. NPR reports that as of 9:09 pm Eastern time, supporters of the Washington, D.C., ballot initiative to legalize recreational marijuana have a 65-29.5 percent lead, and the measure is set to pass. The measure will make it legal for people 21 and older to possess up to two ounces of marijuana and ...

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