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New York bypasses London to become largest financial center

It took nearly 70 years after the end the British Empire and the switch over to the dollar as the global reserve currency, but in March of 2014 New York City's financial district finally passed London to become the world's largest financial center.  According to the Global Financial Centres Index, which measures an aggregate of indices from five key areas: people, business environment, market access, infras ...

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Jeffrey Corzine celebrates with dad Jon after his 2005 gubernatorial win.Photo: AP The son of former New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine killed himself in a Mexico City hotel this week. Jeffrey Corzine, 31, was the youngest of Corzine’s three children with ex-wife and childhood sweetheart Joanne Corzine. The exact cause of death was not released, but sources told The Post Jeffrey suffered from depression. Steven Go ...

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Nations dumping dollar reserves to the tune of $100 billion last week

The biggest threat to the U.S. dollar is not events in Ukraine, nor the economy, and not the stock markets.  No, the biggest threat has always been the over $16 trillion in offshore currency that might one day find its way back to the U.S.. And unfortunately, that day may be coming much faster than the U.S. anticipated.  A new report from the Treasuries In Custody (TIC) report showed that just last week, fo ...

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New economic report shows Wall Street’s ‘weather’ excuse a fraud

In last week's Beige Book, the Federal Reserve blamed harsh weather as being the primary factor for a slowing economy.  This report also came after several Wall Street banks, brokers, and analysts used harsh weather as an excuse when over 20 indicators came in below expectations this winter. However, RBC Capital Markets came out with a newly detailed report on March 11 showing how consumers actually increas ...

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OKLAHOMA CITY, March 11, 2014– On Monday the Oklahoma State Senate passed a bill that would legalize gold and silver as legal tender, moving the legislation on to the House for consideration. The vote was 37-4. Senate Bill 862 (SB862), was introduced by Sen. Clark Jolley and Rep. Gary Banz, with cosponsorship from Sen. Natham Dahm. It reads, in part: “Gold and silver coins issued by the United States govern ...

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Russian Lawmaker Wants to OUTLAW US DOLLAR, Calls It a Ponzi Scheme

MOSCOW — Predicting the imminent collapse of the U.S. dollar, a Russian lawmaker submitted a bill to his country’s parliament Wednesday that would ban the use or possession of the American currency. Mikhail Degtyarev, the lawmaker who proposed the bill, compared the dollar to a Ponzi scheme. He warned that the government would have to bail out Russians holding the U.S. currency if it collapses. “If the U.S. ...

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BITCOIN CREATOR REVEALED! And Yes, a He’s a Libertarian!

The man pictured above is, says Newsweek, the creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto: Far from leading to a Tokyo-based whiz kid using the name "Satoshi Nakamoto" as a cipher or pseudonym (a story repeated by everyone from Bitcoin's rabid fans to The New Yorker), the trail followed by Newsweek led to a 64-year-old Japanese-American man whose name really is Satoshi Nakamoto. He is someone with a penchant for c ...

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(Benjamin Jones)  According to Tech in Asia, Singapore-based Bitcoin exchange platform First Meta’s 28 year old CEO Autumn Radtke committed suicide. Reasons are currently unknown. [UPDATE: Tech in Asia has updated the article to emphasize that suicide is only suggested and not certain] First Meta is a Singaporean start up company that runs a exchange platform for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. The news ...

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ROTHSCHILD Heiress Leaves Husband & Kids for RAP STAR LOVER

Pulling hard on a cigarette as she sauntered down the road, the unkempt brunette in the hoodie barely drew a glance from photographers outside Ronnie Scott’s nightclub in Soho last week. The flashbulbs duly exploded into action for Kate Moss, Noel Gallagher, Stephen Fry and many more. But what of the girl in the tracksuit and grubby trainers? She would have looked more at home begging for change. It was onl ...

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