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The Terrifying Proof Something’s About To Happen

The newly released video report below from Jason A provides us with all the proof we need that something huge is about to happen. The compilation video puts together events of the last few weeks that PROVE our country has been overthrown and something evil waits on the horizon for us, waiting to be fully unleashed upon us.     BEFORE IT'S NEWS   ...

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VIDEO: Elderly Vietnam Vet Beats Thug To A Pulp

(American Overlook) -- Have you ever seen an elderly man beat up a thug? Well, this 67-year-old Vietnam veteran just did. A passenger’s video shows the thug telling the vet that he’ll “shove [his] foot up [his] a**,” a threat that did not sit well with the vet. The veteran tried to be the bigger man and walked to the front of the bus to get away from the conformation, however, the thug didn’t let the argume ...

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This Might Be The Most Uncomfortable 54 Seconds In American Politics You’ll Ever See

Awwwkward. During a Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony on Tuesday, Democrats and Republicans were forced to hold hands and sing “We Shall Overcome.” The results were unintentionally hilarious. Not sure who was the most uncomfortable, although Carl Levin, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi (who appeared to be singing in a different language) and John Boehner (who looked like he’d rather be anywhere else on the pla ...

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Big Bully Thug Terribly Underestimates His Victim, Catches Severe Beat Down [VIDEO]

A bully was recently taught a lesson to think before he opens his trap after instigating a physical altercation in gym class. Despite thinking he had the upper hand due to being physically bigger, the thug went about throwing his weight around all wrong. After trying to topple his victim to the ground, you can imagine his regret after only successfully falling to the ground in a defenseless position. It was ...

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What Happens When A Man In A Mentos Suit Jumps Into A Tank Of Diet Coke?!?

Dropping Mentos into Diet Coke is one of the most popular at-home experiments to perform. When the candy’s porous surface, gelatin, and gum arabic combine with the potassium benzoate, aspartame, and carbonation in the soda, the CO2 gets released incredibly rapidly, producing a tremendous amount of foam. When forced to go through the bottle’s narrow opening, this creates a huge geyser. The folks at Epic Meal ...

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Video: Insurgent Blast His Buddy With Pickup Mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun!

Toyota pick-up truck with an anti-aircraft gun backs up when the AA gunner takes out one of his own guys with “friendly fire“. “Friendly fire”, isn’t. We used to nickname these types of fighters, UDF’s (Un-Disciplined F**ks). I hope more of them take each other out. Saves us the trouble. And of course when anything happens good or bad, the only comment from them is “Allah Akbar.”   ...

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MUST SEE: Could This Be The End Of The Elites?

As we’ve watched the Power Elite destroy the world, one country at a time, we could be at the cusp of the end of their reign of terror. It would seem they are at the end of their ropes and may just hang, very soon. The video below gives the analysis to this and much more of the current world events taking place. ...

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