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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: NY Thug Picks Fight With Wrong Trucker, Gets BEATING OF A LIFETIME

I guess the Pink Panther Party, Messy Jackson and Alice Sharpton will protest and call on MSNBC to televise the event. Not everyone is afraid to fight back. The young black man could have walked off but he didn’t. He decided to go after the white man who was walking away until he saw the young black man walking toward him. The first punch thrown was by said young black guy who was send to sleep a little lat ...

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Seeing Famous Places From Above Is Surreal. #29 Shocked Me.

These birds eye views are seriously incredible. It reminds us of how beautiful the Earth truly is. 1. Niagara Falls 2. Barcelona 3. Central Park NYC 4. Dubai Islands 5. Maze at Longleat, England   6. Mexico City   7. Venice   8. Amsterdam   9. Namib Desert 10. Chicago   11. Tulip Fields, The Netherlands   12. Bern, Switzerland   13. Dubrovnik, Croatia   14. Paris ...

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A Man Uses A Rake On The Beach. Once You Zoom Out And See What He Did, It Will BLOW YOUR MIND

Andres Amador is no ordinary artist. He neither draws or paints. He doesn't sculpt. Instead of a white canvas, he uses nature, namely the beach. Instead of a brush, he uses a rake. Andres creates artworks that are larger than 100,000 square feet. He spends countless hours on his pieces even though he knows that the tide will soon wash it away...  Andres reminds us that what is important as an artist: the jo ...

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These 22 Far Away Perspectives Of Famous Places Will Change The Way You See Them FOREVER

  Many of us only know the world's most famous landmarks through images that show them in all their beautiful, historical glory. The world has changed since these structures were built, so the surrounding landscapes might not be what you'd expect.   The Pyramids of Giza Source: The Acropolis The Arc de Triomphe Source: 500px.comSource: Stonehenge Central Park, New York C ...

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Dogs Reacting To Magic Is The Best Thing You’ll See Today

Jose Ahonen is a Finnish “mentalist” and magician known for his intimate work with audiences. But he recently turned his talents to another audience, in an attempt to answer the eternal question: Do dogs react to magic? The answer is yes, sort of, in the way that dogs react to the old pretend-to-throw-the-ball trick. Still, watching dogs react to the same magic trick—the mysterious case of the disappearing ...

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15 Remarkable Colorized Photos Will Let You Relive History

  One thing we really need to thank the internet for: colorized historical photographs. Of course, the phenomenon comes to us courtesy of Photoshop and the talented editors who transformed black-and-white images into digital works of art. We're just happy we get to feast our eyes upon them.   Thanks to the Reddit community known as Colorized History, we have a plethora of polychromatic snapshots t ...

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I Had No Idea They Did This!! Ultra Slow-Motion Shows Something Truly Fascinating About Dogs

  Wow, A dog drinking seems like the simplest thing in the world – and then someone decided to record it and put it in ultra slow-mo. What’s so amazing is that even though I’ve had dogs my entire life, I never knew they actually did this! Nature really does think of everything, doesn’t it? The footage of this beautiful Alsatian drinking is from a longer documentary called The Secret Life of Dogs. It’s ...

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Yes, That Is The Entrance To This Guy’s House & No, He’s Not A Beggar… He’s Just Awesome.

Viral Nova | The little door you see here? It’s the entry way to the hobbit hole of Dan Price, a.k.a., Hobo Artist. Don’t be deceived by the setup and stone patio, this tiny house is literally just a hole in the ground. Dan Price is a man who has dedicated his life to creating art and living a very simple life for over 20 years. To most people, that might not sound very tempting, but when you see where he d ...

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