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How Can You Explain This???

  Mom posted this video and she claims she wasn’t feeling well and had to stay in the bathroom longer than usual. When she came out, her two sons, ages 1 and 3 had taken a 5 pound bag of flour from the kitchen and redecorated the living room

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This Dodge Pickup Runs 100% On WATER

nventor Frederick W. Wood, and his associate, David Seigler, from Future Energy Concepts, Inc., give a video tour of the pickup truck that they claim to have converted to run on nothing but hydroxy gas, electrolyzed on-board, and on-demand, via a super-efficient electrolysis (from water) method they have developed. Their system allegedly produces 55 liters per minute on 55 amps. They also say the truck rece ...

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WOW: I Had No Idea What This Guy Was Doing In Public. But By The End, I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes.

No, Julian Beevers isn’t a treasure hunter. He’s an artist. A Redditor posted a gallery of his work online. The most amazing part about Julian’s street art is the fact it doesn’t look like art at all. He’s able to manipulate the designs so that, from a certain perspective, his drawings look real. This is kind of hard to wrap your mind around. Julian posses a very unique set of skills
 Julian Beever And no, ...

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Video Causes Natural Hallucinations

Who needs drugs when you have science? If you follow the video’s instructions, when you look away you will continue to see wavy lines in your wall or on the floor. This happens due to an optical illusion that is the result of repeated psychological stimulation. When the video ends and you look away, your brain still expects to see the waves, and therefore it creates them for you. Saying the letters out loud ...

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