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Banks Steal Property Through Appraisals

Exclusive Interview- You don’t have to have missed a payment now for the banks to STEAL your property! They are doing it through “Appraisals”!

I was contacted through my blog about this information.  I have various people contact me about things, some ring true some do not.  When I got this information it rang true immediately.  I wanted to know more about it.   After a few emails back and forth we set up a phone call.  I taped it through a video source with their permission.

I had not heard of the banks doing this.  I also researched on the internet after getting the email and could not find information about it at all.

This is the first time as far as I am aware that someone is stepping forward with this information.



The criminal banks are now stealing people’s properties who have never been late on a payment!¬† How?¬† Through “appraisals”!¬† They are requiring homeowners and commercial property owners have new appraisals.¬†¬† When those appraisals (in cohorts with the appraisers in getting them low) come back lower than the loan amount, at the property owners expense.

They give the property owner 30 days to pay the difference of loan to value of the property otherwise they take over the property and kick the owners out! They are doing it to homeowners and commercial property owners!

Property values have decreased 30% or more in areas around the U.S..

We hear how property owners are underwater for the properties all the time.

Well the banks are now out right stealing the properties via low appraisals that are less than the mortgage/loan amount!


EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with someone who had this done to them and know of others that it has been done to.

This information is no where on the internet.  I did not even know they were doing this!

Please get this information VIRAL and get people informed!  This has got to STOP!

The banks are now outright stealing the middle class properties.

The MORE who stand up – the less it can happen and then it has to STOP when enough say NO!

Please get this information out!¬† This is something new that the banks are doing and they can do it to EVERYONE!¬† You don’t have to have missed a payment now for the banks to steal your property!

Remember there are supposedly those government programs for the banks to write down the principal balances of those who are underwater on their mortgages.¬† That was through the settlement reached with the AG’s of the states.¬† But the states have instead been taking the money and using it for themselves and not the people!

To me a suit has to be brought against the AG’s and the states themselves to get that money for the people instead of the budget over all of that state. ¬† The AG’s used it as a money source and not for the people.

So instead of writing down principals they are now stealing the properties through the appraisal value to loan amount!

I believe this is also to cover their tracks for all the fraud they have committed.¬† They have sold one mortgage into different investor groupings.¬† They need to take over the properties to hide their fraud.¬† They also are doing this because they get the money from the insurance and government to “cover their losses.”¬† But the reality is, it is all fraud and they are stealing every last property and dime from the middle class all through fraud.¬†

The courts are holding the banks accountable now, they are scrambling and they have now figured out another way to steal the property from people.  The U.S. government is allowing it.  The more depressed and down the people are the more able they are to control them.  The people become dependent upon the government.  

There is a lot more to say about this.  But also, please see the main MERS article/post I have that is linked on the side.  Inform yourself about the FRAUD of Wall Street and the U.S. government that is making Americans homeless!


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