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BAFFLING BIRTH: Obama’s Fake SSN Tied To 1940 Census?

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Records show the name of Harry Bounel used in association with Obama’s address in Chicago. According to Lexis Nexis there are multiple SSNs connected to Obama. I need records from Ellis Island and immigration. According to 1940 census Harry Bounel was born in Russia in 1890. This is the date of birth on some of Lexis records associated with the Social Security number 042-68-4425, worked as a helper in a store. Iit is hard to read the name of the store, looks like Zonick store .  I will try to get records from Russia. I just got off the phone with a Russian reporter. Also, we had some records showing Harry Bounel residing with Robinson family in CT in 1910. I need help in getting any and all info on Michele Robinson Obama’s great grand mother Rose Ella Cohen, the name strikes me as a name of a Jewish woman from Russia.  I need to know, if she was married before she married Robinson.

I wonder if her first married name was Cohen and her maiden name was Bounel. It actually was not uncommon in those days for Jewish immigrant women from Russia to marry African American man, these Jewish women were not raised with any prejudice against African American men and also were persecuted.  I want to know, if Harry Bounel was related to her. He was born in 1890. She was born in 1893-1896. Very close in age, he could be her cousin. From what I understand Harry Bounel never married. In this case the only family, who would be his next of kin,  who would  be Robinson family.

Another weird coincidense. We see Bounel  residing in CT in 1910. The Social Security was issued in 1977 in CT. He was 87 at that time. There was a hospital next to Newton. It was a Newtown psychiatric hospital, where some elderly without family resided their last days. The hospital later was renamed to Fairfield state hospital. This is where the bodies of the Sandy Hook victims were taken for autopsy. What is interesting, is that the hospital contained not only death records, it also for some reason contained immigration  and deportation records. My guess is, that most of the info was scrubbed, however these people are sloppy. They did not flatten the PDF file and we got direct connection between Obama and this Ct SSN 042-68-4425 straight from the horses mouth, from the Squatter in Chief Obama. They are nervous and making mistakes.

I will post Sankey report and Daniels report yet again. It is interesting that Lexis Nexis and Sankey firm are being sued yet again by Berg, Liberi and Ostella in Philadelphia, the judge is a senior judge, who might know Berg from the old days. This is being done after Judge Gulford in Ca already dismissed the case against the Lexis Nexis. I am wondering is someone is trying to use these law suits to intimidate Lexis Nexis and Sankey. I am wondering if someone is trying to launch a collateral attack for some federal judge to issue some blanket order preventing Lexis Nexis from providing info in their databases. It worries me.

Look at the info on the Newtown Psychiatric hospital, now Fairfield state hospital.



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