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The US Park Police Is The New UN Police Force

  How many bad policemen does it take to say that we are living in a police state? Of all the abuses of power by the newly federalized police across America, there is one law enforcement agency that is moving to the head of the class with regard to invoking police state tactics against innocent American citizens, and that agency would be the United States Park Police. However, the United States Park Po ...

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The US Government Stands Revealed to the World as a Collection of War Criminals and Liars

  Does the American public have the strength of character to face the fact that the US government stands before the entire world revealed as a collection of war criminals who lie every time that they open their mouth? Will Congress and the American public buy the White House lie that they must support war criminals and liars or “America will lose face”?   The obama regime’s lies are so transparent ...

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Empire-USA is Crashing

  History shows us that all empires fail. The essay in the previous link shows the three phases of all empires; One; Growth, Two; Maturation, and Three; Decline and Failure. It compares the same four characteristics for each Phase, and how they vary. The nature of the characteristics for Phase Three are:   Land: Lose colonies, or control of other nations, by revolution or voluntary release (due to ...

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Obama: Trilateral Commission Endgame

  Barack Obama appointed eleven members of the Trilateral Commission to top-level and key positionsin his administration within his first ten days in office. This represents a very narrow source of international leadership inside the Obama administration, with a core agenda that is not necessarily in support of working people in the United States.   Obama was groomed for the presidency by key memb ...

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Map: Where You Don’t Want to Be When It Hits the Fan

  When it hits the fan America’s population centers will explode in violence, looting, and total breakdown of law and order.   It’s a theory put forth by numerous survival and relocation specialists, and one that makes complete sense if you considerwhat happens in a truly serious collapse-like scenario.   Survival Blog founder James Rawles calls them the golden horde: Because of the urbanizat ...

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Mexico City Considers Creating Marijuana Smoking ‘Clubs’

  The capital hosted a three-day forum on drug policy amid a growing debate in Latin America over the course of the region’s deadly struggle against trafficking, with President Enrique Pena Nieto taking a stance against legalisation.   Esthela Damian, a councilman of the city’s ruling Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), said AFP the proposals on the table include allowing the cultivation of three c ...

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Syrian Woman Rips Into McCain At Town Hall For His Support For Bombing Syria

  At a Town Hall meeting a Syrian woman who lost a member of her family at the hands of the U.S. backed Syrian rebels that would benefit from a U.S. strike against Syria, one that AZ Senator John McCain supports, rips into him about spilling more Syria blood.   I know someone with relatives in Syria as well and support for the rebels with not solve this situation.   I find it hard to believe ...

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  When it comes to Joe Biden, Barack Obama and the rest of their leftist ilk, you can now pretty much assume the opposite of whatever they say is true. Which, as we now learn, was exactly the case when Joe Biden warned voters that Mitt Romney would take America to war with Syria.   Sept. 2, 2012, YORK, Pa. (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden said Sunday that Republican rival Mitt Romney is “ready to g ...

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Iran Plots Revenge, U.S. Says

  Associated Press   WASHINGTON—The U.S. has intercepted an order from Iran to militants in Iraq to attack the U.S. Embassy and other American interests in Baghdad in the event of a strike on Syria, officials said, amid an expanding array of reprisal threats across the region.   Military officials have been trying to predict the range of possible responses from Syria, Iran and their allies. U ...

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