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HOMESCHOOLING: The Public Schools’ Invasive Species

To government, homeschooling resembles a weed that spreads and resists control. To homeschooling parents, it is the flowering of knowledge and values within children who have been abandoned or betrayed by public schools. A great tension exists between the two perspectives. Homeschooling’s continued growth has only heightened it. The federal government has reacted by attempting to increase its control over h ...

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FIGHTING ILLINI: Another State Close To Legalizing Medical Marijuana

After months of keeping his decision-making close to the vest, Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn is set to sign legislation Thursday that will make the state the 20th in the nation to legalize marijuana for medical use. The Chicago Democrat will center his remarks on military veterans – something that's been a focus in his governorship – and the chronically ill. He'll also tout how the standards in the bill are some ...

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MILLIONS WRONGLY TREATED FOR ‘CANCER’: National Cancer Institute Panel Confirms

A devastating new report commissioned by the National Cancer Institute reveals that our 40-year long 'War on Cancer' has been waged against a vastly misunderstood 'enemy,' thatin many cases represented no threat to human health whatsoever. If you have been following our advocacy work on cancer, particularly in connection with the dark side of breast cancer awareness month, you know that we have been calling ...

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CASHING IN: Snowden’s Former Employer Still Making Bank from the Taxpayers

Edward Snowden is going to live under Vladimir Putin's protection in Russia for as long as a year while his old employer, government contractor Booz, Allen, Hamilton is profiting as if nothing ever happened. Whatever you think of Snowden, the Teflon character of his former employer, which is where the leaker got access to all of government intelligence secrets, is truly stunning. But, from a pecuniary persp ...

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LISTENING IN: FBI Can Remotely Activate Phone & Laptop Microphones

Law-enforcement officials in the U.S. are expanding the use of tools routinely used by computer hackers to gather information on suspects, bringing the criminal wiretap into the cyber age. Federal agencies have largely kept quiet about these capabilities, but court documents and interviews with people involved in the programs provide new details about the hacking tools, including spyware delivered to comput ...

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FLEXING THEIR GLOBALIST MUSCLE: UN Won’t Let Uruguay Legalize Marijuana

The International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) says it is concerned by the approval by Uruguayan MPs of a bill which would legalise marijuana. The INCB says the law would "be in complete contravention to the provisions of the international drug treaties to which Uruguay is party". Under the new law, the state would assume control of growing and selling cannabis to registered users. The bill still needs to ...

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FEDERAL COURT: No Warrant Is Required For Law Enforcement To Track Your Location Via Cell Phone Records

A federal appeals court has ruled that law enforcement agencies are not required to obtain a warrant in order to track your location through your cell phone records. This is hardly a surprising decision given that other judges have said that cell phone users have “no legitimate expectation of privacy,” some in the house have said no warrant should be required to acquire geolocation data, and the Obama admin ...

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DEATH OF THE DREAM: America Discredited

As Washington loses its grip on the world, defied by Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, and now Russia, the US government resorts to public temper tantrums. The constant demonstration of childishness on the part of the White House and Congress embarrasses every American. Washington’s latest outburst of childish behavior is a response to the Russian Immigration Service granting US whistleblower Edward Snowden asyl ...

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WHISTLEBLOWER: Russia Grants Snowden One-Year Asylum

On June 23, he arrived in Moscow. He applied for asylum. He's been stuck in Sheremetyevo Airport transit zone limbo. Putin was clear and unequivocal. He won't extradite him. No treaty obligation exists. Official requests don't matter. Snowden's initial ordeal ended. A greater one awaits. He's able to travel freely. On August 1, Itar Tass headlined "Edward Snowden gets asylum and leaves Sheremetyevo transit ...

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