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It’s really amazing how many people are waking up to the fact that “chemtrails” are different from “con-trails.” What was once considered a conspiracy to many is now a fact, chemicals are constantly sprayed into our atmosphere and have been for quite some time now. Not long ago, NASA personnel gave a lecture (that was also streamed live) at their Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Tech ...

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14 Governors : PREPARE STATE MILITIA Defenses, To Be Ready Against Tyrannical Federal Forces [VIDEOS]

Obama fearing a revolution against him by the states, has moved swiftly by nationalizing nearly all National Guard Forces in multiple states; Georgia, Alabama, Kansas, Minnesota, Tennessee, Virginia, Louisiana, South Carolina – to name a few. The Governors of the Great States of Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia still have under their Command-and-Control the State D ...

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SHOCKING VIDEO: Harry Reid Just Accidentally Revealed His Stunning HATRED FOR AMERICANS

In a recent interview, Harry Reid took a hard stance against the Bundys and their supporters, calling them “Domestic Terrorists” among other names. One of the most important things revealed in that interview was not something that Harry Reid said, but what he did. Watch closely as Reid talks about the Bundy situation, and see what he does as he says “Federal Land.” It is very revealing about what he, and mo ...

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An Ohio policeman shot to death a litter of kittens on Wednesday, telling a group of screaming children that the animals would be going to “kitty heaven”. But instead of firing the officer, the local police department cleared him of any wrongdoing. Humane Officer Barry Accorti was responding to a report of a litter of feral cats that were located in the woodpile of a home in North Ridgeville on June 10. The ...

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Jiu Jitsu Professor Daryell Dickson Menezes Xavier beat up and raped his 1 year 8 months old step son in Taguatinga, suburb of Brasilia. He turned himself in, with his lawyer, and was held for a 30 day Daryell was raped by about 20 prisoners. He had injuries all over the body, the most serious ones in the anal region. Insatisfied, and still furious about the crime committed by the professor, the prisoners t ...

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Senior Citizen Calls 911 For Sick Wife, Police Come & Beat Him Up Instead

A senior citizens call to 911 resulted in more than he bargained for reports local ABC affiliate KSRP. Elbert Breshears of Humansville, Missouri called an ambulance for his ailing wife who suffers from dementia, but it was police who showed up first. “The wife and I were standing about here, that’s the window she knocked out. I was standing here holding her hand and she was wavering hollering help,” Breshea ...

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WARNING: Video is VERY GRAPHIC When locals in Cuiabá, Brazil came across a snake with an overly-distended belly, they performed a dissection to see what enormous meal the snake had eaten. The answer? A fully grown pitbull. Snakes are able to swallow animals much larger than their heads because of their flexible jaws. While humans have strong jaws to eat hard foods, their jaws are able to stretch and accommo ...

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Welcome To Australia: Where The SPIDERS Are So Giant & Hellish, THEY EAT SNAKES! [VIDEO]

Oh, Australia: home to everything completely horrifying about the natural world (except volcanoes, surprisingly enough). A Golden silk orb-weaver spider can grow up to 5-6.9 cm (2-2.7 in) in body length, not counting the span of its legs. They spin strong yellow webs that are very large and can reach a meter in diameter. A large, strong web can mean only one thing: large, strong prey. These spiders don’t wa ...

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BREAKING: Officials Now Say FLIGHT MH370 LANDED … Where Are All The Survivors? [VIDEOS]

As if the MH370 saga couldn’t get any more strange, now officials are saying that the flight LANDED according to this newly released video report from Dahboo7 via the original story from the Daily Mail. Will Americans and the world EVER find out what REALLY happened to this doomed flight or are they sending us off on ANOTHER wild goose chase?   WHERE did this mysterious flight land? Was it Diego Garcia ...

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