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104 Yr Old Forced To Lie About Her Age For FB


Facebook has banned 104-year-old American citizen Marguerite Joseph from listing her real age as part of the social network’s policy, her granddaughter said. A Facebook representative has apologized for the hiccup.

Marguerite Joseph was four when the Titanic sank, witnessed the Great Depression, and lived through several wars.


She has five children, 12 grandchildren, and “several greatgrandchildren”, as she indicates in the personal information section of her profile page. Judging by her status updates, she is also a huge hockey fan.

Her granddaughter Gail Marlow pointed out that Marguerite’s actual year of birth is 1908, but when she tries typing it, the number instantly changes to 1928. A clause regarding age policies on Facebook implies that people over 99 can’t be registered on the social network.


“I’m annoyed by facebook because I can’t add my actualy [sic] birth year. When I originally opened my account I could only enter myself as being 99 years old, eventhough [sic] I was 102…now I’m 104 almost 105 and still can’t enter in my correct DOB. And I think I’m the oldest facebook member…I’ve written fb but they don’t seem to fix it! Any suggestions???“ Marguerite Joseph wrote in a Facebook status update in January.


Marguerite Joseph is legally blind and can’t hear, but her granddaughter reads and responds to all messages the elderly woman gets.


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